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The research group lead by prof. Enrico Sciubba started in the eighties at the then Istituto di Macchine e Tecnologie Meccaniche (now Department of Mechanical and Aerospace Engineering) at the School of Engineering of the University of Roma “La Sapienza”. The team pioneered studies in thermodynamics and fluid-dynamics analysis adopting leading edge software in CFD and Finte Elements computational codes.

All thermo-fluid dynamic aspects in turbomachinery design and optimization have been studied and new concepts in blade design have been proposed.

In the subsequent years, the research laboratory’s scientific interests extended to include all the technical and environmental aspect of energy systems and an international group of engineers working on Thermo-Economics has been created.

Development of engineering tools, like CAMELTM, for the complete analysis of energy plants – including desalination plants – and like PRAESIDIUM, for the intelligent diagnostic/prognostic of faults in power plants.

Another research branch is the development of new technologies for the capture and conversion of CO2 emissions.

The Group’s focus is in consistently pursuing groundbreaking solutions made available to engineers working in innovating energy conversion systems.



PRAESIDIUM: an expert system for the diagnosis and prognosis of power plant. It detects deviations from the nominal operating point for each plant component


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